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At the RealStart Trust, our primary passion is enabling youth from South Africa’s marginalised communities to move beyond their current circumstances, unleash their inner potential and become positive change-agents within the nation.

For the past six years, we have been running a free, year-long Youth Development Programme designed to transform the lives of broken youth and help them step into a brighter future. The bursary programme comprises two core elements: Holistic Personal Development and Career Enablement. Click here to download an overview of the programme.

After recently reassessing our role and operating model, we will not be offering a student intake for 2017. However, we remain committed to the vision of Enabled Youth. Changed Nation, and are looking at becoming a resource provider. This will enable a broader number of entities to use our proven material in their own programmes; helping to extend our reach to more communities nationally.

If you would like to find out more about the partnership opportunities available, please contact

Our Impact


young people have graduated from the programme since 2011.


% success rate in helping students to take a practical next step towards a career that matches their skills and interests.


local communities being uplifted as a result of the students becoming active citizens.